Tech Tips: Latest Advice for Starting a New Accounting Year

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Editor’s Note: This post updates and improves upon “Tech Tips: How to Start the Year”. We will add posts like this whenever we can help you be more effective in your use of Forest. Beginning a New Accounting Year in Forest Maintaining integrity between financial years is critical in formal accounting. You should be aware of […]

Tech Tips: New Forest Version Not Running? Update ‘Cache’

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Ensuring You Have the Latest Version – Web-based programs like ForestView run from a copy of the software maintained by your web browser and stored on your laptop or desktop. The place where this program is stored is referred to as a “cache”. Normally, the program in the cache is updated automatically when a new version […]

Forest Plans for 2023

Road Through Forest

We expect that 2023 will bring many more changes to the company and improvements to the Forest platform. We are just getting started with all the changes we want to make! Here are some of the areas where we expect to focus: Product Enhancements – We will continue to improve the product and have received […]

Tech Tips: How to Start the Year

Do you know best practices to start the new year strong in Forest? Beginning a New Year – Strong accounting systems like Forest take specific steps to properly end one financial year and to begin a new year. To create the new year in Forest: Close ForestEnter completely. 2. Launch the ForestView from your browser. 3. […]

Recap of development to date

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After starting the company in January of 2021, we were approached by a number of family offices and other investors with complex accounting requirements and large amounts of historical data. They wanted to come onto our platform immediately. As a result, our work over the past year was focused on the following areas: Converting Data […]