Forest Systems Partners with KnowLedger, LLC to Deliver Advanced Data Integration & an Innovative Journal Entry processing for the Family Office and CPA Firm Markets

Mountain View, CA: November 15, 2023

Forest Systems Partners (Forest Systems) and KnowLedger, LLC (KnowLedger) announce a strategic partnership that will provide family offices and accounting firms with an innovative and integrated solution to support needs across the full spectrum of investment and accounting. This collaboration combines the best of KnowLedger’s expertise in transitioning bank, custodian, private equity, and venture capital related data directly from the data sources or via portfolio accounting systems with Forest Systems’ specialized accounting support for family offices.

“Forest Systems is proud to partner with KnowLedger because we are seeing that our clients need to integrate their investment portfolio tracking with full general ledger tracking capabilities,” says Edward Van Deman, CEO of Forest Systems. “KnowLedger provides robust support and a compelling offering on their own, so bringing the power of Forest’s cash management, tax and market value accounting and full balance sheet consolidation is a true win-win for our clients.”

With the goal to streamline investment portfolio tracking with general ledger capabilities, this partnership will enhance the client experience, allowing clients to track their investments with Addepar using KnowLedger and report their general ledger accounting data with Forest Systems. Because of the KnowLedger and Addepar integration, all data will now transfer electronically to the Forest Systems general ledger, eliminating the need to enter information twice. Forest Systems is only the second general ledger system KnowLedger adds to its list of partners. 

“KnowLedger is excited to partner with Forest Systems to provide integration to their general ledger to provide family offices with a completely integrated process,” says Ryan Kerry, CEO of KnowLedger. “By integrating with KnowLedger, Forest Systems will save their clients from entering all the investment data manually and being able to utilize all the features that Forest Systems has to offer.”

In 2023, Forest Systems expanded its relationship with many players in the data management industry for investors. This unique collaboration with KnowLedger will allow Forest Systems to leverage the solution’s expertise in translating investment data into journal entries with specialized accounting functionality for Family Offices. Forest Systems is an industry leader in tracking and reporting on accounting data for high-net-worth individuals and their investment entities while maintaining accounting integrity with the data.

About Forest Systems

Forest Systems’ premier capabilities simplify complex and time-consuming processes for Single Family Offices, Multi-Client Family Offices, Accounting Firms, and Trust and Estate Managers to download bank and investment transactions, produce consolidated financial statements, and provide tax and market value reports across multiple types of entities. To obtain additional information, please call (650) 282-5180, email, or visit our website at For media inquiries, please contact Meg Seitz at

About KnowLedger

KnowLedger is middleware that moves data from portfolio accounting systems, and various direct data sources and aggregators for, banks, brokerage, custodian, private equity and venture capital with a rules-based approach that ensures accuracy, completeness, and data confidence in creating double-entry journals from single-entry investment data. The KnowLedger team works closely with clients to establish mappings and data flow, overseeing the recurring movement of data from its source to a general ledger. For more information, visit 

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