PRODUCT UPDATE: Forest Systems Announces Release of Forest Documents

Mountain View, CA: June 24, 2024

The tech world is moving faster now than ever before. As a result of this momentum, leaders and organizations are facing new challenges – including multi-factor security needs, the rise of AI, and the push for different productivity tools and resources. 

The Forest Systems team understands the challenges – and we’re thrilled to announce a solution. 

‘The Solution: Forest Financial Academy

Forest has developed a training program, Forest Financial Academy (FFA),  focused on addressing your needs.

The solution includes the following benefits:

  • A series of webinars on the topics you need to understand to do your work most effectively;
  • One-on-one consulting sessions to address your individual questions;
  • Advanced access to the new Forest modules are designed to make you more productive than ever before. 

When you subscribe to FFA, you receive three months of benefits. At the end of the three months, you will be given the opportunity to continue with more training or conclude that your training needs have been met. 

Webinars Built to Address Trending & Important Topics 

FFA will include webinars on topics such as:

  • Managing PDF Documents using the Best Tools 
  • Managing Documents using Forest Documents module
  • Increasing security in Forest using Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Benefiting from “Lightweight AI” with Forest Documents 
  • Using AI in many ways for “fun and profit”
  • Tackling advanced AI topics like accounting for Private Equity investments

These seminars are scheduled throughout Summer 2024.

One-on-One Consulting to Support Your Learning & Growth

To supplement the webinar series, you will receive three, one-on-one consulting support sessions with a member of the Forest team. During this time, you can ask tactical questions, problem solve together, and/or strategize for your organization’s future based on what you learned in the webinars.  

Advanced Access to New Platform Modules

FFA will also give clients exclusive access to our two newest modules:

  • Forest Documents – released in early June
  • Forest AI – release coming this summer 

Clients can use both modules on a trial basis for three months before making the decision to license these modules on an annual basis for the full benefit.

How to Get Started with FFA

The subscription fee for all FFA benefits listed above, as well as trial licenses for Documents and AI, is $3,000 for three months.  

To sign up, please reach out to: with a request to be billed for the service. You will receive an invoice promptly and can make payment as instructed there.