Forest Systems, Inc.

Comprehensive financial reporting for high net worth individuals and their investment entities. 

Integrated General Ledger & Portfolio Tracking

        With over 100 years of combined experience, the management team of Forest Systems has proven expertise on the accounting and reporting needs of High Net Worth Investors and Family Offices. Our software is built on a foundation that has been the premier accounting solution for Single Family Offices, Multi-Client Family Offices, CPA Firms, Trusts and Estates, Partnerships and Family Foundations.

        Forest System’s reporting platform fully integrates a complete, double-entry general ledger (G/L) accounting system with an investment tracking capability that covers an extensive range of marketable investments, investment partnerships and personal assets,  including collectibles.

Single Family Offices

A Single Family Office needs to gather, organize, analyze and communicate massive amounts of financial data on a recurring basis.  Accuracy and timeliness are essential.  We have the tools to help you meet this challenge effectively and efficiently.  And, we have the team experience to prove it!

Trust and Estate Managers

Managers of trusts and estates have major reporting responsibilities, from multi-generational beneficiaries to legal and taxing authorities. Our reporting platform allows you to track, manage, and report on the diverse types of information required by these separate interests, with accuracy and ease.

Multi-Client Family Offices

As a Multi-Client Family Office, your needs are similar to a Single Family Office, but on an even greater scale. Fortunately, our platform has enormous capacity for the number of investment entities it can track and the volume of transactions it can handle. We can handle  all the demands you put on your accounting system.

CPAs Serving High Net Worth Clients

CPAs know that their High Net Worth practice rests on a foundation of maintaining timely and accurate financial data for their clients. Our accounting platform is an integrated general ledger and portfolio tracking solution with true double-entry accounting integrity.