PRODUCT UPDATE: Forest Financial Academy

Mountain View, CA: February 5, 2024

Forest Systems is excited to announce the launch of the Forest Financial Academy, a new and personalized approach to training and consulting, so you and your team can implement new capabilities faster and more efficiently. 

Forest Financial Academy is available to current Forest clients for a small, additional fee. It includes: 

  • Access to new & proprietary content modules
  • Monthly Seminars that will teach your how to use the new content
  • One-on-one consulting time to help you to implement A.I. in your office faster than before 
  • A discount on your first year costs for the first two modules 

Forest Financial Academy launched their first two content modules on January 25. 

These modules address two critical & relevant topics in financial management: How to manage documents (Forest Documents) and how to utilize artificial intelligence (Forest A.I.) 

Forest Documents & Forest A.I. will launch as a pre-lease in April 2024 with a full launch in July 2024. 

For more information or to learn more, please book a 15-minute consultation with a member of our team.