Ensuring Your Data Integrity and Security

At Forest Systems, we prioritize the security of your financial and personal information. 
From this page you can:
  • Upload your files for the first time. See instructions below.

  • Access files previously uploaded. Click here to login.

Upload Files

Use these procedures to transmit a file to Forest Systems in a manner that protects the confidentiality and privacy of all the information in the file.

To upload your files securely

  1. Find the Form: Directly below these instructions, there’s a form awaiting your details.
  2. Request Account Creation Link: Complete the form to request a unique link that allows you to create your account.
  3. Set Up Account: Once you receive the link in your email, follow the prompts to set up your user account.
  4. Access Dashboard: Log into your new account and navigate to the dashboard.
  5. Select Files: Within the dashboard, you’ll have the option to choose and upload the files you wish to share.
  6. Determine Entity: Specify the particular entity under which you want your files to be categorized.
Request Access to File Upload System

Secure, Automated File Storage


  • Automatic Storage: After uploading, our system will automatically sort and store your files in our secure S3 bucket. This is organized based on your domain name, further divided by the entities you’ve designated.
  • Stay Assured: Every file you upload undergoes stringent security checks to ensure its protection.
  • Seek Support: Should you face any challenges or have questions, please reach out to our technical team for assistance.