Tech Tips: Latest Advice for Starting a New Accounting Year

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Editor’s Note: This post updates and improves upon “Tech Tips: How to Start the Year”. We will add posts like this whenever we can help you be more effective in your use of Forest. Beginning a New Accounting Year in Forest Maintaining integrity between financial years is critical in formal accounting. You should be aware of […]

Tech Tips: New Forest Version Not Running? Update ‘Cache’

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Ensuring You Have the Latest Version – Web-based programs like ForestView run from a copy of the software maintained by your web browser and stored on your laptop or desktop. The place where this program is stored is referred to as a “cache”. Normally, the program in the cache is updated automatically when a new version […]

Tech Tips: How to Start the Year

Do you know best practices to start the new year strong in Forest? Beginning a New Year – Strong accounting systems like Forest take specific steps to properly end one financial year and to begin a new year. To create the new year in Forest: Close ForestEnter completely. 2. Launch the ForestView from your browser. 3. […]