Forest-Ledgex Strategic Partnership

Forest Systems and Ledgex Partner to Bring Innovative & Integrated General Ledger Capabilities to Family Offices Mountain View, CA: December 1, 2023 Forest Systems is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Ledgex, an integrated technology system with an experienced team that has provided robust portfolio management and analytics for private markets for over a […]

Forest-Knowledger Strategic Partnership

Forest Systems Partners with KnowLedger, LLC to Deliver Advanced Data Integration & an Innovative Journal Entry processing for the Family Office and CPA Firm Markets Mountain View, CA: November 15, 2023 Forest Systems Partners (Forest Systems) and KnowLedger, LLC (KnowLedger) announce a strategic partnership that will provide family offices and accounting firms with an innovative […]

Recap of development to date

Software screenshot

After starting the company in January of 2021, we were approached by a number of family offices and other investors with complex accounting requirements and large amounts of historical data. They wanted to come onto our platform immediately. As a result, our work over the past year was focused on the following areas: Converting Data […]