Strategic Partners

Forest Systems’ proven success in serving the financial needs of Family Offices and High Net Worth investors is enhanced by its alliances with leading technology companies and industry thought leaders.

Professional Organizations
CFA Institute
We support the CFA Institute's mission of championing ethics and knowledge in the global financial community. They provide us with research on best practices for investment management and performance reporting.
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
We participate in AICPA conferences for High Net Worth clients and support PFP networking groups for Family Offices.
Programming Services


This firm provides analytical tools for managing our company and serving our clients better.
As we enhance the Forest software platform, we draw on the skills and manpower offered by this boutique technology firm.
Technology & Data Suppliers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)                       

AWS is recognized as the leader in the field for highly efficient and reliable Cloud Computing. We take advantage of their services to host our platform and support our clients.
Technology Service Partner                                                                              

This firm is a leader in providing connections between our clients, their banks, and people who receive payments from them. provides the money transfer while we track the transaction and perform the necessary accounting.