Forest Systems Functionality Across the Three Editions

In the world of financial management, one size does not fit all.   We strive to provide the right level of functionality to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Capability Basic Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition

General Accounting and Check Printing Features

Track income and expenses. Manage cash flow
Enter transactions for checking accounts and general journals
Print checks on pre-printed check forms
Enter and print budgeted amounts for income, expenses, and cash flow
Reconcile bank accounts
Print checks on blank check stock with bank account routing information in MICR font
Enter multiple transactions in a single screen to post in multiple entities

Tracking and Reporting on Investments

Entering investment transactions through cash accounts
Enter buy-and-sell transactions for marketable securities and alternative investments
Enter buy-and-sell transactions for marketable securities and alternative investments
Reconcile brokerage and custodian accounts manually for cash balances and market values
Enter prices manually to update marketable security values
Obtain marketable security transactions data electronically by registering with a data aggregation firm supported by Forest
Retrieve month-end closing market prices from the data aggregation firm for all marketable security positions
Report and track portfolio analytics

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Produce reports for single entities

Use Family of Entities capabilities for reporting. Produce reports for multiple entities on a single report. Entities can be shown side-by-side or combined

Access multiple investment reports for marketable securities showing number of shares, original cost and current value
Create reports for trusts and estates
Use Dashboards to display graphical information
Create reports for investment performance - TWR and MWR calculations

Hardware and Communications Environment

Operate on stand-alone computers connected to the Internet
Receive Forest technical support for issues related to an office network with security firewall

Support for Different Entity Types

Number of Entities

Active entities
Max 10 Entities
Up to 50 Entities in Total
Archived Entities

Type of Accounting Entity

Individual clients
LLC and partnership entities
Trusts and estates
Private charitable foundations

User Capabilities by Log-in Credential

Full Administration capabilities
Standard user without admin capabilities
Read-only access log-in
Set user capability by platform function
1 user
Control entity access by User
2 Users

Account Limits

Single Account Balance
$50 Million
$2 Billion
$9 Trillion
Single Transaction Amount
$50 Million
$500 Million
$9 Trillion
Number of Accounts

Note: The features included in each of the three editions will change over time as additional capabilities are added to the platform. Forest reserves the right to add or delete functions from any edition based on how it believes it can best segment capabilities to serve the needs of its users.

(Last updated April 8, 2022)